Steps You Can Take Now

These posts offer theory, practice, and research-based strategies – they will not work for everyone. Scientific evidence is based on generalisations, not individuals. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all for any psychological issue. We are all different. So, self experiment and find what works for you.

Inner Critic critics

Our inner critics can be erosive, exhausting, and even damaging to us. But they can be very effective at motivating us too. (Read more about this here). The following post will provide suggestions on how to add a more compassionate and constructive voice to your mix of inner critical voices.   Visualise your inner critic. […]

Guilt feelings are common, healthy, and useful in short durations. However, when guilt lingers passed its usefulness, it can cause emotional distress and lead to more serious psychological issues. These steps suggest ways to effectively repair relationships when it is possible and ways to let go of useless and destructive guilt when it is not. […]

Because stress is an inevitable part of life, these steps help us to live with it better. Click the link to access a worksheet that you can use with the following steps: Get Better at Stress Worksheet.   Name it to Tame it. Stress is an umbrella term (both broad and vague). Lack of clarity […]

First, make sure that there is not a physical reason for your depression. Depression can be a side-effect of any number of physical sources: nutritional deficiencies, bacterial imbalances in your gut, hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, fibromyalgia, hormonal disorders, food allergies, infections, and medications. Get a thorough checkup from your doctor.   Pay attention to your health. […]

These four steps address common ways of thinking that may be causing your stuckness. Changing them will help you to move forward in the present and, over time, will positively change your way of thinking.